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4/3/14 BlackLight has developed a system engineering design of a stationary electric generator using photovoltaic conversion of optical power that is less that a cubic foot in volume to generate ten million watts of electricity, enough to power ten thousand homes. [10 MW Generator]
4/3/14 BlackLight has developed a system engineering design of an electric vehicle using a motive SF-CIHT electric generator having one million times the power density of an internal combustion engine and a range of 3000 miles/liter H2O. [Motive Simulation]
4/3/14 BlackLight has developed and successfully tested a prototype electric power system that intermittently produced millions of watts of power with sequential ignition of H2O-based solid fuel pellets. The conversion of optical power to electricity was achieved using commercial solar cells as demonstrated by powering a lighting array. [Electricity Video]
4/3/14 Press Release: BlackLight Power, Inc. announces sustained production of electricity using photovoltaic conversion of the millions of watts of brilliant plasma formed by the reaction of water to a more stable form of hydrogen. [Electricity Video]

Dr. Randell Mills presented at the Princeton Harvard Club as a part of the Prettybrook Speaker Series on Sunday, March 3, 2014.

3/3/14 BlackLight successfully performed its first test of semicontinuous plasma power production by sequentially igniting a series of H2O- based highly conductive solid fuel aliquots.

These videos are also available on the official BLP YouTube channel.

2/18/14 BlackLight’s game-changing energy device that has water (H2O) as its only fuel input from which it produces 100 billion watts per liter of energetic plasma by forming a more stable state of the hydrogen atom has been validated by academic experts.  The findings from three programs are presented in validation reports of our SF-CIHT plasma-producing cell.  The validators confirmed the SF-CIHT performance and commercial opportunity wherein only H2O is consumed to form hydrinos and O2.  An astonishingly high power density is produced at the level of millions of watts.  The hydrino transition mechanism was confirmed by EUV spectroscopy [HOH EUV paper]. Attached are summary biographies for the validators and reports from:

A California Institute of Technology professor that advises brand name institutional investment firms on technology and business opportunities.
Professor with expertise in materials science that collaborates with world renowned battery and materials science groups.
Top-5 Engineering School Professor, California Institute of Technology PhD
2/6/14 Presentation by Dr. Randell Mills at the twenty-first annual Groundhog Day Investment Forum, hosted by Emerald Asset Management.
2/5/14 Mechanism of Soft X-ray Continuum Radiation from Low-Energy Pinch Discharges of Hydrogen and Ultra-low Field Ignition of Solid Fuels – R. Mills, Y. Lu, submitted.
1/29/14 On January 28, BlackLight performed the preannounced public demonstration of its breakthrough technology to a group of distinguished attendees that spanned the spectrum of professionals. Validations were performed by leading academic experts [reports with resumes].
Calorimetry Demonstration Data: Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (VI), Energy (integrated VI), and Calorimetric Measured Output Energy and Energy Balance EUV Demonstration Data: Experimental Methods and EUV Data on Hydrino Continuum from Solid Fuel
1/28/14 Live demonstration hosted by BlackLight Power, Inc.
1/14/14 Patent Application – Power Generation Systems and Methods Regarding Same.
1/14/14 Press Release: BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces the Achievement of the Generation of Millions of Watts of Power from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen. In addition to its breakthrough plasma and plasma to electricity producing SF-CIHT cell, BLP announces independent, offsite validation of its electrochemical cell [Enser report; Copeland report] and solid fuels technologies [DSC report]
12/20/13 Catalyst induced hydrino transition (CIHT) electrochemical cell – R.L. Mills, X. Yu, Y. Lu, G Chu, J. He, J. Lotoski, Int. J. Energy Res., published online December 20, 2013, 25 pages; doi: 10.1002/er.3142.
11/21/13 BlackLight Power, Inc. honored by the New Jersey Technical Council with the Trailblazer award, presented at their annual awards ceremony on November 21, 2013.
9/9/13 American Chemical Society Conference Presentation, Division of Energy and Fuels, Hydrogen Energy Session, September 9, 2013. Presented by Dr. Randell Mills.

R. Mills, Y. Lu, G. Chu, J. He, J. Lotoski, Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition (CIHT) Electrochemical Cell.

The nascent H2O molecule formed by an oxidation reaction of OH- at a hydrogen anode is predicted to serve as a catalyst to form H(1/4) with an energy release of 204 eV compared to the 1.48 eV required to produce H from electrolysis of H2O.  CIHT cells, each comprising a Ni anode, NiO cathode, a LiOH-LiBr eutectic mixture as the electrolyte, and MgO matrix exploit hydrino formation as a half-cell reaction to serve as a new electrical energy source.  The cells were operated under intermittent H2O electrolysis to generate H at the anode and then discharged to form H(1/4) wherein H2O vapor was supplied from ambient atmosphere.  Net electrical production over the electrolysis input was measured using an Arbin BT 2000 (<0.1% error) and confirmed using a digital oscilloscope; wherein no theoretical conventional energy was possible.  The electrical energies were continuously output over long-duration, measured on different systems, configurations, and modes of operation and were typically multiples of the electrical input that in most cases exceed the input by a factor of greater than 10.  The predicted molecular H2(1/4) was identified as a product of CIHT cells by MAS 1H NMR, ToF-SIMS, ESI-ToFMS, electron-beam excitation emission spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence emission spectroscopy, FTIR, and XPS.

1/3/13 Soft X-ray Continuum Radiation from Low-Energy Pinch Discharges – R. Mills, R. Booker, Y. Lu, J. Plasma Physics, Vol. 79 (2013) 489–507. DOI: 10.1017/S0022377812001109.
5/22/12 Press Release: BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces Leading Experts Validate the Production of Electricity from the Conversion of Water Vapor Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen- Six studies by academic and industry experts validate breakthrough non-polluting energy source based on Hydrino theory